The Apparently Kid Visits Ellen and He Is So Over 'Apparently'


He gets over it now and then!!

Noah Ritter (AKA "Apparently" Kid) won the Internet after a news interview he did at the Wayne County Fair went viral. It was his first time ever on live television (he promised), and he managed to make "apparently" the favorite word of pretty much everyone ever.

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Well now, his notoriety has landed him on Ellen, and shockingly, "Apparently" Kid has moved past his "apparently" phase!

Judging by his new favorite word, he's entered a more serious part of his career. Seriously.

Always one for surprises, Ellen introduces the Phenomenon Formerly Known as "Apparently" Kid to a dinosaur. Watch what happens when he meets his prehistoric buddy.

If you need any more convincing that this kid is ready for primetime, notice how not terrified he is when approached by a giant dinosaur with human legs.

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Earlier we said that "Apparently" Kid needed a reporting job. We'd like to make a correction -- Give Noah Ritter a talk show. Seriously!

Noah's full Ellen interview airs today.

This kid is pretty adorable, but Chris Pratt attempting to throw a first pitch in a baseball game might give him a run for his money. Watch that video below.

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