Paris Hilton's New Pooch Is The Smallest Pomeranian You've Ever Seen!


Paris Hilton's family is growing by one, and no, she's not expecting a baby. She just got a new pup!

We all know how much the socialite loves her family of pooches and her newest addition is a ridiculously adorable, tiny white fluffy Pomeranian.

The socialite shared multiple photos of the dog on Instagram and one of the photos was captioned, "Just ordered this adorable little baby from @BettysYorkies! Cannot wait to meet him! What should I name this cute lil guy?"

We're sure that Paris will come up with a clever name.

But how much money do you think she spent on her new furry friend? We just had to find out and spoke to Joanne Pauze, owner of Betty's Yorkies, who said, "He was listed for $13,000 but because she's Paris I gave her a little bit of a discount but she paid around that."

The dog is traveling from Calgary to New York on Friday and he's not along on the plane, he's got a nanny with him for the ride and Joanne said the dog will be brought directly to Paris.

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The blonde beauty loves her dogs and I'm sure this one will be welcomed with open arms. He'll be living a very pampered life in the customized dog house, that's a replica of Paris's lavish mansion, complete with furniture, air conditioning and heating.

Check out this video to see the adorable dog!