EXCLUSIVE: Connie Britton's Face in These 'Nashville' Bloopers Will Make Your Day


As we countdown to the season 3 premiere of Nashville (September 24, can you please get here faster?!), we can get by a little easier with these exclusive bloopers from last season.

And we love seeing all the citizens of the Nashville take a break from the dramatic and have a little fun! Among the highlights: Connie Britton's crazy face, Hayden Panettiere flubbing her lines and Chris Carmack basically naked.

PICS: You Have to See Connie Britton's Hair in the '80s

Let's just reiterate that last one: Chris. Carmack. Basically. Naked!

So click play on exclusive clip above and get your country drama fix because it has been way too long! Nashville season 2 is out on DVD Sept. 23 while season 3 premieres Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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