Why Paula Deen Could Have One of the Biggest Comebacks in Media History


ET's Nancy O'Dell sat down with Paula Deen for a no-holds-barred interview, in which she talked about everything from her darkest moment to her impending comeback.

NEWS: Paula Deen Apologizes for Racial Slur

Last year, Paula came under fire for using the "N word" in a lawsuit filed by a former manager at her restaurant. In the wake of her public apology, she lost her Food Network contract, a cookbook deal and many other endorsement deals.

"My darkest moment was when I had to face the fact that I had hurt people," said Paula. "And I was so sorry."

Reportedly, the controversy could have cost Paula up to $12.5 million in earnings, but Paula seemed unfazed by the monetary aspect of the situation.

"It's funny because I don't know," said Paula when asked to confirm how much money she actually lost. "I didn't work for the money. Does that sound crazy? I don't know how much we lost."

It seems that Paula was right not to be too concerned about the money, as $100 million from a Phoenix private investment firm is backing her new digital network, which launches online September 24.

NEWS: Deen Will Be 'Less Edited' On New Network

Additionally, her own company has purchased 440 episodes of her old Food Network shows.

Even with her career on an upswing, Paula said that her past mistakes continue to haunt her.

"I will never ever probably completely heal," said Paula.

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