Matthew McConaughey Riles Up Texas Football Team With Rousing Speech


Alright Alright Alright! Actor and diehard football fan Matthew McConaugheystopped by The University of Texas football practice to chat with the Longhorns -- and it yielded some pretty great moments.

Initially telling the team he wasn't going to "preach" -- the Texas native launched into a full existential exploration with the team with quotes like:

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"Last night I was thinking about what I do -- I was thinking about what y'all do and I was asking myself this question all the time: Why do I do what I do? Why am I an actor, you know?"


"But it's amazing how easy the mind can go up and down so I guess what I'm saying is you gotta ask yourself why you're playing the game? And in there you're going to find the answer of why you play it -- whether you win or whether you lose."

Then having to admit:

"Anyway I did start preaching, didn't I?"

After giving the team some valuable life lessons, he opened the floor for the team to ask him whatever they wanted. One teammate asked him what his favorite movie her ever made was. He answered, "Mud. I also like that Wolf of Wall Street, though."

And yep -- he immediately started the infamous Wolf of Wall Street chest-thumping to pump up the team

Check out the video above to see Matthew McConaughey hanging out with his favorite football team.