This Video of Twin Babies Playing Peekaboo Will Melt Your Heart


These are the moments parents dream off (and not just because if you film it, that video could go viral!). Andy Keher of Liverpool happened to stumble upon his twin daughters playing a sweet game of peekaboo with each other after lights out.

"They go to bed at 7:30p.m. and they're supposed to be asleep by 8p.m. but somebody forgot to turn the light off," Andy explained to The Liverpool Echo of this stolen moment between one-year-olds Molly and Megan.

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(Yes, the video is adorable, but can we pause for a second and recognize how adorable the caption, “They were supposed to be asleepy-bobos!!” is too?! This family gets all the emoji hearts!)

"It was the first time I'd seen them playing peekaboo, which is more why I filmed it than anything” Andy, who is a professional wedding photographer, says. Then it racked up two million views. Andy says, “Things [have] gone a little crazy.”

To celebrate their infant fame, dad says both little ones will get a new cuddly toy. Not that they need it, they seem plenty happy just playing peekaboo with each other.