Watching This Guy Attempt the Biggest Bike Front Flip Ever Will Make Your Stomach Turn


First person P.O.V. videos already make us feel a little sick. This first person P.O.V. video —
of Canadian biker Tom Van Steenbergen attempting to front flip across a 72-foot canyon at a Red Bull Rampage event in Utah — has us absolutely nauseous.

We say “attempting” because he doesn’t land the flip — what would have been the biggest front flip in the history of mountain biking. And so he becomes just another athlete inducted into the annals of the YouTube Hall of Fails.

But like any other wreck, we just can't look away.

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For the record, it looks like Tom was OK in the end:

And the record remains unbroken. Which means someone will attempt this...

Again sometime in the future. Oy vey.

Oh, and this STILL isn’t the craziest thing we’ve seen on YouTube this week.