Courteney Cox Can't Remember What Happened on 'Friends,' Says Coco Could Beat Her at 'Celebrity Name Game'

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Courteney Cox may be the executive co-producer of Celebrity Name Game, but don't go thinking she's any good at trivia -- or that she's going to throw down like her famous Friends character and do absolutely anything to win a game show, even her own.

"That's more Monica," she says in a new interview with ETonline. "I'm actually not that competitive."

"You will see that in the [episodes] Courteney's on, that's for sure," quips host Craig Ferguson, who wraps his nearly 10-year stint as host of CBS's The Late Late Show in December.

"I really don't ever go online, and I don't know half the things that are going in the world -- that is not good for pop-culture questions," Cox reveals.

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Cox says even her own 10-year-old daughter, Coco, could take her during a round of Name Game. "As long as [the trivia] was in the last 10 years. She won't know much past that, but yeah, she'd probably win somebody twenty grand," admits the 50-year-old actress.


Since its September launch, Celebrity Name Game has been testing the pop-culture minds of everyone from Glee's Darren Criss to Lisa Kudrow and even Cox's ex, David Arquette, who co-produces the show with Cox (together they run Coquette Productions).

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But Cox says her "dream guest" would be none other than Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston.

"I'd love to see Jennifer on," she says, "but it's hard -- you have to really be game for that, and I'm not great at asking people."

Maybe Aniston could help fill in one particularly glaring area of missing pop culture memories -- their own world-famous show.

"I can watch Friends now and go, 'Oh my god, I don't remember that episode at all -- that's funny!'" Cox confesses. "I don't know what my deal is, but I don't hold onto stuff like that. Every episode I've seen of Friends is a new adventure for me."

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