Kristen Bell Sings the Most Tech-Savvy Holiday Jam: 'Text Me Merry Christmas'

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This song will make you want to text all your loved ones immediately.

It's not exactly a Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You," but Kristen Bell's new holiday tune is going viral and is sure to make you "LOL."

The Frozen actress
and a capella group Straight No Chaser have joined forces for "Text Me Merry Christmas," which makes getting a good old SMS into a delightful Christmas carol.

The song is just as silly as it is catchy.

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Bell, 34, starts the song by texting someone from far away and sings, "So please remember this December to fully charge your phone."

Sounding just as beautiful as her character Anna in Frozen, Bell belts, "Just a word or two of text from you will remind me you're still there. You don't have to add much to it. One smiley face will do."

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Cue the guy part of the song from Straight No Chaser's Michael Luginbill, and it's just as telling about communication these days as he sings, "Though you're far from me say you'll BRB, that's a text I’ll never delete."

And then there is this very real life example of an average conversation via text:

SNC: Hi.
Kristen: Hey.
SNC: How are you?
Kristen: Ok
SNC: Miss you
Kristen: Miss you too
SNC: Xmas sucks with you
Kristen: I know LOL
SNC: Love you
Kristen: Love you
SNC: K thanks bye

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And yet, text is still the performed form because, "A Facebook message isn't quite as sweet. I need more from @you than just a tweet. A snap on Snapchat doesn’t last, and voicemail that's from Christmas past."

Technology does allow for selfies though, and you can always bring the phone screen under the mistletoe as the song suggests!

While funny, the song does make the point that conversation is a little less than personal these days. So whether you're texting "Merry Christmas" or saying it in person this year, make sure to make it more meaningful.

After all, a Christmas text is "the least we can do."

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