GQ's 'Woman of the Year' Tilda Swinton Complete Opposite of Kim Kardashian, Their U.K. Pick

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Admit it. You are very surprised at GQ's choice for their 2014 Woman of the Year.

GQannounced Tuesday that actress Tilda Swinton is the winner of this year's title, citing her recent incredible work in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Snowpiercer and Only Lovers Left Alive. With her famously eccentric style, she's clearly not the typical GQ cover girl, and definitely doesn't disappoint in her equally fascinating interview.

Among her many revelations in the bizarre interview -- part of which takes place as Tilda herself drives writer Zach Baron through Scotland -- is that the 54-year-old actress previously worked as a professional gambler.

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"When I lived in London, there were a couple of years when I didn't really earn money doing anything else," she says. "The way I made money was putting money on horses."

And judging from the following email Baron shares, getting a Tilda Swinton email is every bit as amazing as you can imagine.

"please send me a message in a bottle or tied to a pigeon or even to the neck of my white hen, speckled jim, who disappears every night and i think must live nearer your windows tonight than ours..

sleep very well

ps creeping hydrangea (brain like wet cake)


GQ US's Tilda Swinton choice for their American edition is even more surprising given that their UK counterpart's headline-making choice this year was the controversial Kim Kardashian, who posed nude for the accompanying photoshoot.

GQ US took it upon themselves to distance themselves from GQ UK in September, making it clear that they weren't awarding Kim anything.

But perhaps GQ US isn't as confident with their choice as they seem -- despite Tilda's "Woman of the Year" title, the magazine actually chose Shailene Woodley for their cover.

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Shailene flashes her black bra in the sexy shot, with the magazine calling the 23-year-old actress their "new favorite crush."

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Revisit Kim's controversial GQ photoshoot in the video below:

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