Shirtless Snowed-in Dancing Dudes Go Viral as 'Boyonce'


A group of shirtless men who are calling themselves "Boyonce" are going viral with their version of Bey's new video for '7/11.' One of the guys, Matthew Barela, toldBuzzfeed that they got snowed in over Thanksgiving so they decided to party like Beyonce.

In Beyonce's version, the antics include wearing a sweatshirt that says "Kale," dancing in her underwear, a house party featuring classic red cups, and pantomiming with a hair dryer.

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These guys mimic it all and actually "smack it in the air" with kale.

The booty dance moves are pretty similar, but the best part may just be when one of them talks into his foot as if it's a phone just like Bey did.


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To see the comparison, check out Beyonce's music video. Hers is currently at over 36 million views, but the guys are slowly getting there too!

Even though their video is not an exact replica, the guys do offer a disclaimer, "No kale was harmed in the filming of this video, and no, we did not drop that alcohol."

Talk about a fun group to get snowed in with!

Check out more about the power of Beyoncein the video below.

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