Orlando Bloom Explains His 'Harry Styles Hair'


Orlando Bloom seemed to have no idea he was looking like a member of One Direction until host Ellen DeGeneres call him out on it.

"Can we talk about your hair because everyone's talking about that you're trying to look like Harry Styles," DeGeneres tells The Hobbit actor.

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"Really? I'm trying to look like Harry Styles, hello. Wait a second!" he responds as if this was the first time he'd heard this. "I'm trying to look like me, but I like Harry."

The daytime host does point out that Styles had the hair first, but quickly notes that Bloom is growing his brown locks out for a movie. "That's why this mane is in place," he touts.

But will he get a haircut once the movie is over? "If I’m getting compared to Harry Styles then maybe I should," he jokes.

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However, when he asks the audience, they seem to think he should keep the hair long.

Later on in the interview, Ellen flashes a photo up of Bloom's son Flynn who she says also looks like the One Direction band member. "There you go. Harry copied him," he quips. "It all started there."


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Following his chat with DeGeneres, Bloom agreed to play a game of "Heads Up," which ended with him flashing his abs. With a stomach like that, who needs hair?!