The Hollywood Hacking Scandal: Is No One Safe?


Fallout continues in the Sony hacking scandal and it seems that no one in Hollywood is safe as the group allegedly responsible, Guardians of the Peace, is now reportedly threatening to release new information every day.

"I'm not going to stand in judgment of somebody else's emails," Oprah Winfrey told ET. "And I feel that you cannot judge a person's life and career based upon a set of emails and we don't know even know what the context was ... People say things amongst their friends and within a company or an environment where they feel comfortable that you wouldn't want to see printed or broadcast on Entertainment Tonight. I think that I'm going to reserve judgment on it until I know more."

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ET has also learned new details from the Sony hack. An executive called Leonardo DiCaprio "despicable" for dropping out of a Steve Jobs biopic, and Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams made less money than their male counterparts in American Hustle. Adams weighed in on the gender gap during an interview with ET's Nischelle Turner for her upcoming movie Big Eyes.

"It doesn't exclusively exist in the entertainment industry, so I think we've seen a lot of articles as of late about CEOs outside of the industry as well," the actress said. "We're going to get there!"

Previously, emails from Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal were leaked, where she made off-color comments about President Barack Obama. Tyler Perry stood by Pascal after the leak.

"We've all said stupid things. We've all done silly things," he said. "Look at the history of this woman. Look at what she's done for Sony films. Look at Annie, $100 million movie with a little black girl. There aren't that many executives who would have approved that movie."

VIDEO: Sony Hacking Scandal Takes Another Embarrassing Turn

Seth Rogen and his The Interview co-star James Franco were with Howard Stern today, blasting the media for reporting the leaks.

"It's stolen information that media outlets are directly profiting from," Rogen said.

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