This Apple Commercial Is Guaranteed to Make You Cry (Seriously, Grab a Tissue)


We’re not exactly sure what Apple is selling in this commercial, but we will buy all of the iPods. Take our money. Because this is the most heartwarming ad we have ever seen:

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The clip starts with a young lady finding an old record of a lovely song:

The girl loves listening to the song — on her iPod! — and learns the guitar cords — on her Macbook!. We’re not sure why. But at some point we see her eating noodles, which is maybe a sign Apple is releasing their own line of iRamen.

And then it all comes together: She’s created a duet of her singing alongside the original singer — her grandma. Which is maybe like, stop cribbing your grandma’s limelight, it’s not always about you. But it’s all worth it for this shot:

Goosebumps! We love our grandma too!

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“With a Mac, iPhone or iPad you have the power to create thoughtful, emotional gifts and memories that transcend time,” Apple explains, manipulating our feelings to peddle their wares. “It could be a movie, a homemade card or a song that brings two generations closer together.”

Or maybe we can just show our grandma this commercial and bond over that?

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