Anna Kendrick Makes David Letterman Blush with Furry Sex Toys and Ambien Stories


Anna Kendrick seemed out to embarrass David Letterman on Tuesday'sLate Show.

Right out of the gate, the Into the Woods star began her chat with the 67-year-old host by calling a cat toy that was featured earlier in the episode a "fur-covered dildo." She explained, "There was a factory. They were putting those out. They said, 'Put a mitten on it and sell it to children.' It's for kids now!"

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Looking shocked at Kendrick's assessment of the toy, Letterman responded, "Whatever you want it to be, Anna."


He quickly saw just what the 29-year-old actress was talking about, adding, "I'm trying desperately to think of other things it might be, when in fact that's all it actually is."

Kendrick's quips didn't stop there as she shared her experiences with the sleeping aid Ambien. "It's a hell of a drug," the actress told Letterman. "I just sort of blackout the second that I take it, and it's like I wake up to a surprise every time."

She then went into a story about how she took the drug during a trip back from London and woke up wearing all the clothes in her carry-on bag. She assumed her thought process while on the sleep aide was, "Well, changing will be a hassle so it'll go straight over the jeans, straight over the boots."

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Also during her Ambien-induced state, Kendrick said that she took at 90-second video of her salad. "Like I was [Martin] Scorsese filming this salad," she joked.

We recommend Kendrick keep that cat toy far away from her when taking her sleeping pills!

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