How Well Do the Naked Rowers Recognize Each Other's Butts? We Put Them to The Test!


Ever hear of “squishy necks”? Apparently they are just one of the awkward moments the Warwick Rowers — the group of U.K. rowers who release a naked calendar every year to help fight homophobia — experience while shooting. They look something like this:

Angus Malcolm / Warwick Rowers Media

Doesn’t look too bad from our point of view. The guys recently paid a visit to ET and we got them to spill all the awkward and embarrassing stories from the shoot. And, since they seem so comfortable with each other, we had to play a little game...

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(The video is censored and SFW. If you want to see the real deal, scroll on for a little sneak peak or buy the calendar to see it all. Again, WARNING: There be butts ahead.)

We wanted to know how well the rowers could identify each other...based only on their butts. The rules were simple: We showed them a cropped picture from the calendar and they had to tell us who belonged to that butt.

Turns out they were pretty good at it.

Like, really, really good at it.

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To see how the scored and to hear all their hilarious commentary, watch the video above. And make sure you pick up a copy of the 2015 calendar — trust us, there are plenty more big booties inside.

While they were here, we also asked the Naked Rowers to teach regular guys how to do the perfect pose. Hilarity ensued. Check it out:

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