Sony Hacking Scandal: Did Hollywood Cave In?


As more celebs show their outrage on Twitter over Sony's decision to pull The Interview from theaters amid threats, ET looks at both sides.

"I think it's easy to say that this was a cowardly move," Matthew Belloni, executive editor of The Hollywood Reporter, told ET. "But if you are in the decision-making position, you have to consider the safety of everyone who goes to the movies. Now moving forward, what kind of message does it send to people that they can probably get something pulled if they threaten?"

NEWS: Here is Sony's statement about canceling The Interview

Comedienne Margaret Cho played Kim Jong-un's father Kim Jong-il on 30 Rock, and she joked about the lack of attention paid to her performance.

"I played [Kim Jong-il] and nothing -- nobody cared," Cho told ET. "I even got an Emmy nomination -- nobody cared. I don't know why. Maybe they actually thought I was [Kim Jong-il]. I think that's what it was."

In the wake of The Interview cancelation, theaters such as Alamo Drafthouse Cinema were planning to run Team America: World Police in its place. Those plans have now been axed. Alamo told Deadline that the cancelation was "due to circumstances beyond [their] control."

Additionally, a Steve Carell project set in North Korea has reportedly been scrapped, fueling some celebrities' concerns about a potential snowball effect.

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