'The Amazing Race' Crowns Season 25 Winners


Victory is sweet for the champions of The Amazing Race season 25: food scientists Amy DeJong and Maya Warren.

The pair, whose team was nicknamed the "Sweet Scientists" conquered the final leg of the reality show's latest season, flying from the Philippines to Los Angeles and ending up on the winners’ platform.

After nearly being eliminated in last week's episode, the team rallied from fourth place to tackle a Hollywood stunt test, where Maya donned a stunt suit and head-mounted camera to jump through a window made of sugar glass and fall a few stories to a soft landing.

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The PhD students were delayed when Maya forgot to remove her stunt gear before moving on, but they made up time performing a search and rescue mission with the Coast Guard before being the fastest team to complete the final task: searching through shipping crates at the Port of Los Angeles and memorizing a series of color-coded numbers.

Amy and Maya arrived at the finish line, the Point Vicente Light in Rancho Palos Verdes, in first place, followed by "The Dentists" Misti & Jim and the "Soul Surfers" Bethany & Adam. The fourth place team, Brooke & Robbie aka "The Wrestlers," were eliminated earlier in the episode.

The "Sweet Scientists" will take their million dollar prize back to the University of Wisconsin, where they are pursuing doctorate degrees in food science.

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