How the Duggars Spent Their Holidays


If you've ever wondered what a holiday is like for those whose families consist of over 20 immediate relatives, the Duggars have an answer: It gets mighty cozy.

The whole family
, who star on TLC docu-series 19 Kids and Counting, got together for Christmas and took photos for the world to enjoy.

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Just fitting everyone in the same living room seemed to be a huge challenge.

It seems like it was even more difficult to make room when they played fun, spoon-based family games. How do you get everyone around one table? How do you even have enough spoons?

Jill Dillard found time to show off her sizable baby bump, which she sees as a "precious little gift." She even wrapped her "gift" with a festive bow.

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But the fun wasn't over when the holiday came to an end. Three days later the Duggar parents, the Seewalds and the Dillards went on a big "quadruple date" in one giant minivan.

Well, family and togetherness are the reasons for the season. And you don't get much closer than eight people in a van.

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