Real-Life Superhero Chris Evans Escorts Betty White to Stage at People's Choice Awards


Betty White
was the big winner at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. We’re not talking about the trophy she took home for being a National Treasure or whatever. We’re talking about when she was personally escorted to the stage by Captain America.

Yes, the Captain America.

When Betty was called on to accept her Favorite TV Icon award, the 93-year-old was met by the waiting arm of Chris Evans, civilian identity of superhuman Captain America. If you aren’t already swooning, gird your loins.


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Here are all the necessary GIFs to fall in love with Chris Evans forever:

If that wasn’t adorable enough, while accepting his Favorite Action Movie Star award, Evans joked, “I’d say 30-40 percent of the votes were from my mom. But the other 60 percent? Thank you, it means a lot.”

Forget Captain America, Chris Evans is our favorite super hero.

Another cute moment from the People’s Choice Awards: Kaley Cuoco adorably forgets to thank her husband in acceptance speech!

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