Michael Keaton's Sister Shares a Rare Look Inside the 'Birdman' Star's Private Family Life


During the Golden Globe Awards, Michael Keaton introduced the world to his "best friend," son Sean Douglas. Now, Michael's sister, Joyce Douglas, is giving ET a rare glimpse into the Birdman star's private family life.

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While celebs and fans have been swooning over the actor's 31-year-old son since the Globes, Sean is already married and is behind some of pop music's popular hits. A songwriter and producer, his work has included "Heart Attack" by Demi Lovato, "Ghosttown" by Madonna, and Jason Derulo's "Wiggle" and "Talk Dirty."

Sean wasn't the only family member to be recognized during Michael's acceptance speech. The 63-year-old actor also took time to honor his six siblings.

"I was raised by a really good family," Michael told ET. "Great brothers and sisters, good mom and dad."

"I think he almost did that all for us -- his brothers and sisters," Michael's sister Joyce told ET. "That's generous. When you've just won that nice award and you're willing to include your brothers and sisters like he did. He's such a good kid -- or guy -- he's not a kid."

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So what was Michael like growing up? Joyce filled us in.

"He wasn't the best kid in school. He wasn't the worst kid in school," she said. "He was well-behaved. The teachers liked him because he was so cute. You couldn't help but like him -- a cute little boy and a mama's boy."

As Joyce continued to share, one thing became abundantly clear: Michael's two greatest loves have always been his family and acting.

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"He had dying scenes that we had to watch," Joyce said. "We all had to sit down. We would sit down, my mother would sit down, so he'd get up on the back of the couch, or anywhere! Tumble down... 'Okay how was that? Ma, how was that? Really Ma, how was that? Okay, you think that was a good one? Okay, watch this one, watch this one.' It was always for my mother's approval."

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