Whoa! Michael Strahan Strips Down, Shows Off 'Magic Mike' Moves at Critics' Choice


Michael Strahan hosted the Critics' Choice Movie Awards on Thursday, and the Live With Kelly and Michael star made sure to keep the event lively.

Opening the show with a group of buff strippers ripping off their clothes, it was clear that Strahan – who is set to appear in Magic Mike XXL – had a wild night planned for the audience.

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Strahan walked out, in a fine charcoal suit, flanked by male strippers in nothing but boxer briefs.

"You didn't really think I was gonna go there, did you?" Strahan asked the cheering audience. As it turns out, he was only waiting for the right moment.

After a brief monologue and video montage, Strahan addressed the crowd: "As we could see this was a very, very big year for movies. And as I stood up here, who knows? Maybe next year I’ll be down there with you nominees for my role in Magic Mike. You never know, you never know. Unless they cut me. I'm worried about them cutting me out of the movie. And if they cut me out nobody’s gonna see it."

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"So how about we give you a lil’ something right now?" Strahan added. "Hit it!"

That's when the music came on and Strahan's break-away suit pants came off, leaving him gyrating in tight black boxer-briefs. And it turns out the former football player keeps himself in shape.

You know, I don’t really have lines in the movie," Strahan said to the bewildered audience. "But who needs lines when you have legs like this?!"

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To be fair, Strahan has a point.

Check out the video below for a look at how Strahan got warmed up for his Critics' Choice hosting gig.

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