This 2-Year-Old Lip-Syncing to Taylor Swift Will Fill Your Heart With Happiness


This baby shakes it off with the best of 'em.

Well, we did it, everyone. It only took [insert however many years it’s been since Al Gore invented the Internet] and five Taylor Swift albums, but we’ve done it. We’ve created the cutest video humans can withstand before spontaneously combusting from adorableness overload. Congratulations, our work here is done.

The video is of Mike Smith’s 2-year-old daughter lip-syncing to “Shake It Off” (which yes, is a little bit old and we moved on to “Blank Space” and now “Style,” but who cares because DID WE MENTION THIS IS CUTE?). Watch now:

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Yeah, lil' baby. Ya nailed it.

In other T.Swift news, Taylor sent one of her biggest fans a personalized care package and the only thing sweeter than that is the fan’s tear-filled reaction.