Lindsay Lohan Might Be a Spokeswoman for Car Insurance, Which Is the Most Ironic Thing Ever

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Those who can’t do, teach. Those who have two DUIs, a handful of other car collisions and traffic violations, and at least one high-speed chase on a major highway sell car insurance!

That appears to be the thought process behind Lindsay Lohan’s latest career movie: TMZ reports that Lohan is replacing that cartoon spy with pink hair and shooting a commercial for insurance provider Esurance, possibly to air during the Super Bowl.

“Esurance is innovative in everything we do, including with whom we work,” a rep for the company told ET. “However, at this time, Esurance is not sharing any details about our 2015 plans.”

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Which isn’t a “no.” And Lohan could be a good advocate for insuring drivers — in the past five years alone, she hit a baby stroller, another car, an 18-wheel semi, and a human being, allegedly.

Luckily for Esurance, we consider ourselves something of amateur ad execs (i.e. we’ve seen an episode of Mad Men before). Behold, a few based-on-a-true-story advertisements we Photoshopped together that Esurance can use free of charge. You’re welcome!


If she’s to be the face of safe driving, let’s use one of her iconic faces.

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Remember back in 2007 when Lindsay was allegedly in a high-speed chase on the PCH with three unwitting passengers (so they say) and when the cops questioned her about it, she said, "I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving."


Lindsay has three mug shots related to driving arrests. Her first mug shot, from her first DUI in 2007, a mug shot taken at the Lynwood correctional facility where she served 84 minutes for her two DUIs, and a third mug shot in 2010 for probation violation of that 2007 DUI.

Here’s hoping she at least gets an Esurance discount with the deal. (Not that she needs it these days. Lindsay has been clean and sober and a very good girl behind the wheel, and we’re proud of her. We only kid because we care.)

Oh, and Lindsay Lohan has a fetch idea for an adult Mean Girls sequel:

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