The World Is Not Nicer, Anne Hathaway Says

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Anne Hathaway had a similar journey as her character in 'Song One.'

Has the world gotten nicer since 2013? Anne Hathaway does not think so.

In Song One, the actress took on a role that she really connected with and it made her reassess how she looked at life.

"For me, this movie is about a girl getting out of her own way and getting out of her own head. I was in the very early stages of that journey in my own life," she told the Associated Press. "It's not like the world has gotten nicer since 2013. I think it's about looking beyond your knee-jerk judgment about places and people and professions and actually experiencing something with an open heart."

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She plays the role of Franny, a Ph.D. candidate who returns home when she learns her brother is in a coma, and she gets involved with his favorite musician.

The 32-year-old asked the director Kate Barker-Froyland to be in the film, and she acknowledges the harsh reality for actresses. "It would be so great if there were just this magic land full of amazing parts for women. There are so many more incredible actresses than there are incredible parts."

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Originally, the script was written for a 24-year-old, but Franny was changed to be 28 and Hathaway says it "works better." Hathaway also had her hand in producing for the first time with this film. While it first premiered last year at the Sundance Film Festival, it is in limited release now.

Check out Anne Hathaway addressing her haters in the video below.