Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant and Dropping Out of School?


Kylie Jenner is busy slamming rumors.

The 17-year-old reality star used her half-sister Kim Kardashian's method of addressing the pregnancy speculation.


Although Kim said she wants another baby to join North West, she tweeted that she was not pregnant back in December. And now, Kylie is retweeting that same message to those who think that she is expecting a baby.

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Another rumor swirling about Kylie is that she's dropping out of school. She told People on Friday night, "I still go to school every day."

In fact, Kylie is actually a home-schooled high school student and has about four months to go until she graduates.

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It remains to be seen what she'll be up to after graduation, but with a new hair extension line and her love for fashion, Kylie may just be following in Kim's savvy business footsteps.

Check out the video below to see more about Kylie Jenner's hair extension line.