Kristin Cavallari Thinks She's Hotter Than Olivia Munn

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Kristin Cavallari is defending her hotness.

After her husband's teammate Kyle Long -- Kristin is married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler -- hosted a Twitter Q&A with fans on Wednesday and implied that he thinks 34-year-old former Newsroom star Olivia Munn is "the hotter girlfriend" (Olivia is dating Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers), the former Hills star jumped in herself to disagree.

It all started with this seemingly harmless fan question: "Who has the hotter girlfriend -- Cutler or Aaron Rodgers?," to which Long responded, "Well Cutty is married. And I love the newsroom.. Sooo."

And Kristin clearly took offense to that response.

"Ummmm excuse me," the 28-year-old mother of two responded.

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But the two were able to joke about it, with Long tweeting back, "Let's fight about it KC u know I'm into brunettes."

Kristin just couldn't let it go, pointing out that she's actually a "natural brunette."

Since then, Kristin's been taking to Instagram to further prove her point. Check out this bikini shot she posted on Thursday to promote her new app.

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ET actually caught up with Olivia last November, when she revealed what she misses most about The Newsroom. Watch below!

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