Ryan Gosling Singing and Dancing as a 12-Year-Old Will Make Your Day

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Ryan Gosling has been a rising star since 1992.

Before joining Disney's Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, Gosling was singing Elvis tunes as a 12-year-old at various dance recitals. Shawn Swire, a former dancer at the same studio, who now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, posted two videos on Facebook of a young Gosling busting some serious dance moves.

In another dance recital video, Gosling breaks out the MC Hammer pants and dances with a lot of girls. Even back then, he was stealing hearts!

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The Notebook actor noticed his videos surfaced on Twitter and was thankful for the "check up from the neck up."

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The 34-year-old was quite the littler performer, and now he has his own little one with Eva Mendes. The couple welcomed baby girl Esmeralda last September, and Gosling was recently spotted with her name on his knuckles!

Check out the video below to see Gosling at 18.

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