Bette Midler Sings Kim Kardashian's Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Why read tweets when you can sing them?

Jimmy Kimmel is notorious for having celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, but this time, Bette Midler sang tweets from the woman she named a chicken after, Kim Kardashian.

The 69-year-old music legend took on the reality star's words and gave them a beautiful new life. She kicked things off with Kim's tweet about #TheDress.

"What color is that dress?" she sang. "I see white and gold. Kanye sees black and blue. Who is color blind?"

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After applause, the tempo got a little more upbeat with, "I hate falling asleep with all my makeup on." And to make it sound even better, she added in a "Bipity bopity boo!"

And just when you think this medley couldn't get any funnier, Bette brought out the powerhouse vocals for, "I never thought I would say this," dramatic pause to build build up emotion, "but I'm wearing flats today."

On her own Twitter, Bette recently shared the lyric video for her version of TLC's "Waterfalls," which she debuted last fall. Fans are already leaving comments on the lyric video like, "So moving," and "BEAUTIFUL version. The words seem so much more meaningful with the song slowed down like this."

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She's also no stranger to a good Twitter feud when she called Ariana Grande's sexed up image, "silly beyond belief." Fortunately, those two divas were able to settle that beef with jokes and love.