Bella Thorne Thrilled to Announce She's 'Finally' Developing Boobs

Teen Vogue

In exciting puberty news, The DUFF actress Bella Thorne has revealed to Teen Vogue that she's "finally" getting breasts.

"I've always been flat-chested. It is only this year, at 17, that I started to develop boobs. I mean, finally!" the former Disney star said.

Teen Vogue

In the cover story interview, Thorne said she once had to stuff her bra on a movie set to make her look older. Humiliatingly, the padding went rogue and had to be handed back to her by the director.

"The director picked something off the ground and -- in front of everyone -- he goes, 'I think this fell out'," she said.

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Bella -- born Annabella Avery Thorne -- has been working in movies and TV since she was 6, so it's refreshing to hear she's getting some proper mortifying teenage experiences. She candidly admits she's no stranger to embarrassing incidents: Her exploits include chipping a tooth playing paintball and getting her period on a date with her boyfriend.

"I'm not afraid to be myself," Thorne said. "I know that people are looking up to me, but I'm a teenager and I’m still going to make mistakes."

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