Lorde, Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran Defend Bullied 'X Factor' Contestant


ThoughX Factor New Zealand contestant Joe Irvine was straight-up humiliated by British singer Natalia Kills and her husband, singer Willy Moon, during his now much-talked about audition, he's very clearly getting the last laugh.

After Natalia's over-the-top critique that Joe "copied" her husband's look -- calling him "a laughing stock, cheesy and disgusting," while Willy backed her up by calling him "creepy" and comparing him to Psycho killer Norman Bates -- the two were fired from the hit show. And now, a number of musicians have reached out to Joe to show their support for the bullied contestant, who still managed to call Natalia "beautiful" after her beyond-harsh comments during the live show.

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"Don't worry about what anyone else says man," Ed Sheeran tweeted to Joe on Monday. "Enjoy yourself with it, that's what singing is about, not what other people think."

Others were much more harsh with their criticism, specifically about the duo's notion that Willy was somehow the inventor of the skinny suit, slicked-back hair look.

... Really?!

"You sort of have to be, you know, vaguely relevant to have your style stolen just saying," Ellie Goulding wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Her frequent collaborator, DJ/producer Calvin Harris, took it one step further by posting a Snapchat video of Natalia's critique with the words "STFU" written over her face.

But Lorde had the sweetest response of all, sending Joe cupcakes and a handwritten note praising his "individuality, positive energy and spirit."

"I'm a performer too & I wanted to say that no matter how many people make fun of me for how I dress, move & act, I'm being me -- and that's what's important," she wrote.

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Luckily, the current judges on NBC's hit singing competition The Voice seem much nicer than the now-fired Natalia and Willy! ET caught up with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton in November, when they dished about what's really in those "Starbucks" cups on the show ....

Watch below!

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