Taylor Swift Has the Best Response to SAT Practice Test Misquoting Her Lyrics

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Looks like there's one subject that the Princeton Review is not an expert on -- Taylor Swift lyrics.

The test preparation and college admission services company pulled a dad-like error when it misquoted Taylor's "Fifteen" in materials for an SAT practice test, quoting her as singing, "Somebody tells you they love you, you got to believe 'em" when the actual line is, "Somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them."

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The company used the misquote as an example of bad grammar, but the line is only grammatically incorrect in the way that the company changed it. The actual line is sound.

After having the blunder called to her attention, Taylor responded on Monday via Tumblr: "Not the right lyrics at all pssshhhh. You had one job, test people. One job."

Who would have thought Taylor and the Princeton Review would one day have "Bad Blood"?

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