Amber Rose Proudly Shows Off Her Butt Cellulite

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Amber Rose is proud of her butt cellulite!

The model posted side-by-side pics on Instagram of her well-documented butt. In one, you can clearly see a hint of cellulite. Here's the shot:

"Yaaaaaas dimples on the booty! Lol," she wrote, followed by the hashtags #StandUpStraightSoIKnowitsReal #BeautifulBabiesGiveYouBeautifulDimples #MILFIN

Cellulite is a totally natural condition where the subcutaneous fat layers pucker slightly. Doctors say it affects around 90 percent of women who are past puberty. There's no specific cause; it's mostly hereditary, and women of every size can have it. (So can men, FYI.)

Though plenty of women have searched for a "cure" for it, it's not harmful and has no side effects beyond appearance.

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The "beautiful baby" Rose is referring to is her 1-year-old son, Sebastian. His dad is Whiz Khalifa, from whom Rose filed for divorce in late 2014.

Earlier this week, she posted some NSFW photos from her time on the beach.

Rose has a legendarily rockin' body, and she has every right to be proud of it!

Recently, she spoke out about her so-called feud with Khloe Kardashian, telling ET in an exclusive sit-down, "I don't hate her."