Morgan Spurlock: Zayn Malik Always Struggled the Most With One Direction


In light of Zayn Malik's still-shocking decision to quit One Direction, here's even more evidence that perhaps the fans should of seen it coming.

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who directed One Direction's 2013 doc This Is Us, recently gave his own insight into the split, given the countless hours he spent with the band on tour and the unprecedented access he was given.

"[Zayn] always struggled with being on the road," Spurlock shared on HuffPost Live on Tuesday. "He's a homebody. He wanted nothing more than to sit in his house and spray paint and draw and do art, and I think this explosion that happened to him -- which was something none of them ever predicted -- he was the one that struggled with it the most."

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The 44-year-old filmmaker obviously still has a lot of love for the ex-boy band member.

"Zayn is probably my favorite guy in the band," Spurlock surprisingly said. "I thought he was amazing. He was a huge talent, probably the best singer in the group."

As for the rumors that Zayn cheated on his fiancée, Little Mix member Perrie Edwards (which Zayn himself has denied on Twitter) Spurlock speculates that constantly having to be away from her was actually a big reason for his decision to quit.

" ... Being away, being on the road, being away from his girlfriend I think finally just got to him, and I think he said, 'I'm done,'" he muses.

Indeed, Zayn's official statement on leaving the band last week echoes Spurlock's thoughts.

"I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight," he said.

But the drama's continued to be high for One Direction fans this week, especially when the 22-year-old singer's so-called solo track was released on Monday, just one week after he announced his departure. But ET learned Tuesday that the song in question is actually an old demo for the boy band's last album.

A source close to Malik told ET, "This was just a rough demo of a track which was recorded for the last One Direction album. It didn't make it onto the album and it's not new, nor is it a solo track from Zayn."

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Watch the video below for all the One Direction drama surrounding the song, "I Don't Mind," which had 1D member Louis Tomlinson feuding with the song's producer Naughty Boy on Twitter.

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