A&E Show Gives Pastor '8 Minutes' to Help Sex-Trafficking Victims Escape to Safety

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Kevin Brown, a veteran cop-turned-pastor, tries to help sex-trafficking victims in the new A&E series8 Minutes, and we have a sneak peek.

"That's the time it takes," Pastor Brown said, explaining the show's title. "It's what we have to safely get into the room, talk to the victim, help her and if we don't do it in eight minutes, we are jeopardizing her safety and our safety."

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In Houston, one of the United States' largest epicenters for human trafficking, Brown, his team of victims' advocates and other volunteers are on a mission. In a nondescript hotel room, Brown poses as a client and once he establishes his credentials, he then brings in a victim's advocate -- a woman -- who has successfully escaped being trafficked herself. They then have only a few minutes to convince the sex worker to leave with Brown and his team.

The series has already stirred up controversy and a petition was launched on Change.org, asking that the series not be aired. The petition argues that "the concept of this show is extremely invasive for sex workers."

"Sex workers are human beings with a brain just like everyone else and can make choices for themselves about how they earn their living," the petition reads.

Former sex-trafficking victim Stephanie escaped a harrowing life on the streets and is now one of Brown's advocates.

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"I just want them to know that if I can get out they can too," Stephanie said. "There's nothing stopping them."

8 Minutes premieres on A&E Thursday, April 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.