Apparently Kid Totally Schools Chris Pratt on Dinosaur Knowledge

They went head-to-head on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!


It's been less than a year since Noah Ritter changed the game in broadcast journalism at the Wayne County Fair, and now he's matching wits with one of today's biggest movie stars, Chris Pratt!

The 35-year-old Jurassic World actor and the young American icon went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to battle it out over dinosaur knowledge.

Even though we love Chris Pratt, we've gotta admit -- Noah took him to town! Watch the video above.

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Noah gets out to an early lead answering four questions correctly, and isn't afraid to get competitive with blockbuster mega-star Chris Pratt, exclaiming, "In your face!!"

"It's 4 to 1 and he says 'In your face," joked Ellen.

But in the end, when Noah won, he proved to be a gracious victor and shook Chris' hand.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

You'll get 'em next time, Chris!

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