Ariana Grande & Lea Michele Mess Around on 'Scream Queens' Set


From the looks of it, everyone's having a great time on the set of Scream Queens!

Ariana Grande and Lea Michele are two of the stars of Ryan Murphy's upcoming horror/comedy series. This week, both ladies posted behind-the-scenes action.

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Both of them are known for their exceptional voices, so it's not surprising they had a little jam session. Ariana Grande posted a video to Instagram that showed the two of them singing Spice Girls -- using the Helium Video Booth app to distort their faces and make it sound like they'd been inhaling balloon gas first.

"We're giving u vocals aaaand face," she captioned it, then added "(shoutout to homeeeeh at the end lookin over the shoulder)."

Lea Michele posted a somewhat more subdued photo of the two of them hanging out.

"So much love for this lady," she wrote.

Grande posted another photo of some backstage action: Her (faux!) fur costume.

"#screamqueens wardrobe is beyond," she captioned the selfie, adding #notFurBtw. "Shoutout to Lou Eyrich (the costume designer) who is the sweetest, coolest woman i've ever met."

Scream Queens
is set to premiere this fall on Fox. Emma Roberts and Abigail Breslin will also star.

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