Happy Birthday, George: A Look at Clooney's Sexiest Movie Roles Ever

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Happy Birthday, George Clooney!

It's George's 54th birthday, but if there's one thing that gets better with age: it's Clooney. In honor of his special day, we're looking back on his sexiest movie roles ever.

Yes, it was hard to choose. However, five flicks stuck out to us as landmarks in Clooney's career, helping solidify him as a sex symbol with sass, and a cad with class.

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Jack Taylor, One Fine Day
In the 1996 rom-com, Clooney played a sarcastic single dad. We saw he had a heart of gold, and by the end of the movie, totally approved of him sweeping Michelle Pfeiffer off her feet. ...We were a little jealous, of course.
Bruce Wayne, Batman & Robin
Our next favorite film is Clooney’s turn as the caped crusader in the comic book franchise. The 1997 movie helped cement the then-36-year-old actor’s superstar status. Of course, there were those infamous nipples on the Batman chest plate. Yes, fans poked fun...but we were totally OK with them.
Jack Foley, Out of Sight
A movie that made big waves for both Clooney and his co-star, Jennifer Lopez, was Out of Sight, the 1998 dark comedy directed by Steven Soderbergh. Clooney was a lovable thief (a role that's really worked for him over the years), and the cat-and-mouse game between him and officer-of-the-law Lopez sizzled on screen. Bad boys are irresistible, after all.
Danny Ocean, Ocean’s Eleven
While Ocean's Eleven put Clooney on screen with another sexy guy, Brad Pitt, both undoubtedly held their own. Yes, Danny Ocean was a thief, but he was also trying to win back the love of his life, played by Julia Roberts. Clooney was smart, funny and wore a suit almost too well in this role.
Ryan Bingham, Up in the Air
In 2009, Clooney was taking on bigger acting challenges, and in the Jason Reitman comedy, he soared. Let's give him props here: the actor managed to make air travel sexy and sophisticated. Not an easy gig.

So, happy b-day, George! Clooney next stars in Tomorrowland, and we're already buying our tickets.

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