This Young Engaged Couple Uses Makeup To Grow Old Together, Makes Us Cry


This is Kristie and Tavis, an engaged couple in their late 20's who plan to grow old together.

And who can blame them for wanting that? Growing old with the person you love is a beautiful thing.

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You develop a lifetime of memories with another person and only the luckiest of us get to experience it.

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Thanks to Disney, THIS is all so many of us have ever wanted.

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So with the help of the video team at Cut, Kristie and Tavis get to preview what it will be like to "grow old together" in one emotional day.

It was a pretty bizarre experience at first.


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But ended up getting deeply emotional.


"To see her look like this makes me think of where we have gone to be next to each other," admits Tavis. "And what would've happened in between."

After revealing their "late-nineties" to each other. The couple was asked what their last words to each other would be.


Their answers were devastatingly passionate, with Kristie saying, "Make sure he knew I loved him."


"You have made me a better person," confesses a choked up Tavis.


Sweet, sweet, love. Will we ever know 'ye?

We'll be in the break room sobbing into our Tinder profile.

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