Finally! Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Photographed Together Again


The couple that shops together is officially back together? Sure looks like it!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were photographed together for the first time in four months. The two were spotted leaving a Ralph's grocery store in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The actors didn’t exactly looked thrilled to be caught at the supermarket (who would be, right?), but the errand run comes just a day after People reported that Emma and Andrew, 31, were back together after a brief split.

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If this isn't damning evidence that they're dating again, than we don’t know what is.

We pretty much saw this reconciliation coming when the 26-year-old Aloha actress was spotted carrying a paper bag with Andrew's name on it in late April. After all, it's not too often you run errands for your ex just to be spotted buying vegetables with him a month later.


Plus, these two are too adorable to not work out.


The Amazing Spider-Man stars took a break from their three-year relationship in April. At the time, the blame fell on Andrew's hectic schedule filming Martin Scorese's upcoming movie Silence. "He's thrown himself in the project to the detriment of all else," a source told People mag. "But it's too early to say the relationship is over.”

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The source added, "They're both a slave to their schedules. This time last year they were privately discussing marriage."

It looks like an engagement conversation could happen once again! We sure hope so -- when they're smiling, they make one cute couple.

Watch Emma and Andrew rekindle our hope for their romance (and love in general) in the video below.

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