Iggy Azalea Cancels Pittsburgh Pride Performance Amid Homophobic Allegations

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Iggy Azalea said she was "disappointed" to announce that she would have to cancel her weekend performance at Pittsburgh Pride.

This news comes after the 25-year-old musician came under fire for some tweets she sent out in 2010 that were construed as homophobic. "When guys whisper in each other's ears I always think it's kind of homo," one of the tamer messages read.

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Azalea apologized for her prior comments in her cancellation statement. "I am a firm believer in equality," she wrote. "Unfortunately in the past as a young person, I used words I should not have. The last thing I want is for something so carelessly said to be interpreted as reflective of my character."

"I meant no harm and deeply regret ever uttering those words," the newly engaged "Fancy" rapper added. "As an adult I would never use them because I understand they play a detrimental role in the fight for issues that I do truly believe in."

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The Pride in the Street was to face a boycott if Azalea did not cancel her appearance on Saturday, according to the PittsburghPost-Gazette. Pittsburgh City Council president Bruce Kraus, the city's first openly gay elected official, and several groups canceled their appearances in protest over the rapper showing up to the event.

Do you think it was right for Azalea to cancel?

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