Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Accidentally Hit a Truck and It Totally Made the Owner's Day

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When Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hits your vehicle, it's actually pretty awesome!

The Furious 7 star was jamming out to some music in his car while on his way to a film set in Wakefield, Mass., when he sideswiped the mirror on a parked truck.

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Gotta pay attention, Dwayne! In any case, the action star turned around to assess the damage and wound up meeting the owner of the truck on the street.


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When the owner, Audie Bridges, found out that it was none other than Dwayne Johnson standing in front of him, he immediately seemed to lose interest in the truck!

Dwayne posted the whole awesome story as the caption of the post.


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Apparently, getting your car hit by The Rock is totally worth it, because Audie apparently would not accept payment from Dwayne for the damages.


TL;DR: Getting your car hit by Dwayne Johnson is pretty much the best thing ever.

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