Watch Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Slow Jam the News With Jimmy Fallon


While the next presidential election might be over a year and a half away, that's not stopping some presidential hopefuls from trying to win the hearts and minds of American voters.

Following in the footsteps of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's attempts at poking fun at themselves, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush -- who announced on Monday that he will be campaigning for the GOP nomination -- joined Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's The Tonight Show to slow jam the news.

In the role often occupied by Brian Williams, who is currently serving a six-month unpaid suspension from the NBC Nightly News, Jeb accompanied Jimmy for a stylized interpretation of the day's headlines.

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If you've never seen the sketch (what's wrong with you?!), it basically involves a straight-laced public figure reading actual bits of news. Then, Jimmy adds his own sexy, double entendre-filled interpretation to those stories, set to '70s love-making music.

After Jeb explains his decision to join the presidential race -- and his lengthy period of consideration -- Jimmy's sensual vocals croon innuendos.

"Oooh yeah. The Governor thought LONG and HARD about joining the GOP race," the host jokes. "After months of being a total caucus tease, Jeb finally made up his mind, and quit beatin' around the bush."

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There's no way to tell if it will help Jeb, 62, snag some votes come November 2016, but at least it was funny.

For more Tonight Show awesomeness, check out the video below to watch Jimmy and James Franco play Five-Second Movie Summaries!

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