Susan Sarandon Says Her Son Miles Blurs Gender Lines, Sometimes Wears Dresses

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Susan Sarandon couldn't be more proud of her son Miles Robbins, who she recently revealed doesn't always follow strict gender roles.

"My son Miles is a musician and a DJ and sometimes when his band performs they all wear dresses, and he has long hair," Sarandon told People at TrevorLIVE.

The legendary 68-year-old actress was at the New York City event on Monday to support The Trevor Project -- an LGBTQ youth foundation that focuses on suicide prevention -- where she dished on her own 23-year-old son with her ex Tim Robbins.

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When it comes to diversity, the more the better, she expressed.

"I think the more crayons you have in your box to color outside the lines, the more exciting it is."

The Thelma and Louise star also explained why organizations like The Trevor Project are now more important than ever.

"As a mother, I know how difficult it is to survive the teenage years intact and the socialization process -- if you step out of line, it's so difficult," she explained. "And there are so many kids these days who are questioning, gay or transgender, who have a very tough time and it could be very dangerous for them. I think it's really great that we are having all these conversations and getting kids to understand that there is somewhere we can go to talk it over."

A longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community, Sarandon also gave her thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner.

"I'm really happy that she was authentic and that she came forward and that her family has supported her and asked questions," the Oscar-winning actress said. "[But] I think it's important to remember that there are a lot of transitioning people who do not have the means that she has, and do not have the attention, and are maybe not in a culture that is as embracing as the one that she's found herself in."

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At the same event, The View co-host Rosie Perez revealed she once had a same-sex relationship with a girl named Michelle while she was in junior high. Watch below:

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