8 Life Hacks From Miley Cyrus, the Happiest Hippie Ever


Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus answers to no one but herself. A couple of years ago, it looked like the singer-actress was trying to be overtly sexual just to leave her Disney days far behind her, but now, we’ve all figured out that she’s just being just being Miley.

Sure, the constant tongue wagging, dyed pink armpit hair and love of her birthday suit are generally considered questionable and despised by the average parent, but the attention-grabbing moves also refreshingly real for a 22-year-old who's spent the majority of her life in the spotlight. After all, this is a girl who speaks up for feminism, LGBT rights and... getting high and creating neon art, because, why not.

You keep doing you, Miley.

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Thanks to that infamously filter-less motor mouth, the Happy Hippie has sputtered out some pretty wise words over the years (yes, even in her written-too-soon memoir, Miles to Go, published when she was just 17). Need a self-esteem boost? These eight quotes from Miley Cyrus should help:

1. No haters, no fakers.

"I'm not one of the people that goes, 'I'm not what you see on TV,' because I am exactly kind of what you see on TV," Miley told ET. "I am who I am, and you see what I'm doing, and I'll never say, 'Oh I'm so sorry I didn't mean that.' You make choices and sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong -- just like in life. People try to make [me] seem out of control when, actually, I'm a pretty happy, centered person who does a lot of things for other people."

2. Be true to yourself.

"This is who I am. I think it's only hard if you're trying to be something you’re not. Being who you are is really easy."

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3. Speaking of easy, don't settle when it comes to your soulmate.

"F--king is easy. You can find someone to f--k in five seconds. We want to find someone we can talk to. And be ourselves with. That's fairly slim pickings."

4. Screw ups aren't the worst things in life.

"The minute you stop making mistakes is the minute you stop learning." That one came from Miles to Go, but still, not bad for a 17 year old. Or her ghostwriter. Either way...

5. Know what your best side is.

"I just stick my tongue out because I hate smiling in pictures. It's so awkward. It looks so cheesy. Now people expect it, like, 'Put your tongue out!' It's just easier that way. Taking pictures is so embarrassing. But there's also something about it that I think is cool. Every other girl is so serious -- like, 'This is my moment on the red carpet, I'm in my ball gown, looking pretty.' There's something empowering about what I'm doing right now. Especially having 'short hair don't care.' I think it's empowering for girls. Because there's not one thing that defines what beauty is."

6. Exercise does a body good.

"When do I feel at my sexiest? After I've eaten something really healthy and done Pilates, and I'm wearing tight leggings. When I'm in gym clothes I actually feel sexy and healthy, so sometimes I'll stay in them all day!"

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7. Girls rule, boys drool.

"I f***ing love women, trust me. They are something so beautiful. This kind of sounds cheesy, but girls just rule, because we have a sensitivity and passion you can't find in other people."

8. Preach.

"Going out doesn’t make you a bad person, just like going to church doesn’t make you a good person."

When you think like Miley, life really is a party.

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