Matt Bomer Wants Sofia Vergara to Co-Star in Hypothetical 'Magic Mike 3'

Bomer says that his co-star Joe Manganiello is the happiest he's ever been since proposing to Vergara.

From Magic Mike XXL's steamy movie posters to Channing Tatum revealing the nickname for his penis in a hilarious Reddit AMA, all hands are on deck to make sure that the highly-anticipated Magic Mike sequel is the hottest movie of the summer.

But will it be so successful that fans of the stripper odyssey will be gifted with another sequel?

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While that remains to be seen, Matt Bomer is already talking about his dream co-star for a possible third Magic Mike film: Sofia Vergara.

"If we have Sofia, let's use her," he told ET. "Not just to be the extra in that scene, like she needs to come in and bring it."

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The stunning Modern Family star is, of course, engaged to Matt's co-star in the film Joe Manganiello, with whom he has been close friends since he was 18 years old.

"It's the most genuinely happy and just on fire I've ever seen him," Matt gushed. "I think just seeing that relationship and how it's fulfilled him in so many ways. I think it affected his work in [Magic Mike XXL] because he just brings it in this movie and it was such a joy for me to get to watch that every day."

"They're both kind of blindingly beautiful and comfortable in their relationship and who they are so I think it was just fun to get to see all his hard work come to fruition."

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