Channing Tatum Blasts 'G.I. Joe' -- Listen to What He Said!

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Channing Tatum wants to be more than just an action star.

The 35-year-old actor confessed in an interview with Howard Stern that while G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (sort) of solidified him as a major star, he's not personally a fan of the film.

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"I'll be honest, I f**king hate that movie," he said.

"The script wasn't any good."

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Apparently, the action star said he would have been more into doing G.I. Joe if he didn't have to be the hero!

"I love G.I. Joe, can I play Snake Eyes?" he asked when tapped for the 2009 film.

Even though he's not a fan of the movie, Channing acknowledged that it could have been worse.

"I'm super lucky and blessed to have been given that film," he said.

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Listen to Channing open up to Howard Stern about G.I. Joe in the clip below.

If G.I. Joe was the blockbuster Channing didn't want to do, 21 Jump Street was the movie everyone told him not to do.

"[Jonah Hill] called up and actually said 'This is a terrible idea,'" said Channing, about how his 21 Jump Street co-star pitched him the comedy. "My entire team didn't want me to do that film."

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Well, Channing, we're so glad you didn't listen!

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