'Big Brother 17': We Rank All the Houseguests (Based Solely on the Premiere)!


Big Brother
is here!

CBS’ summer reality staple introduced the 16 houseguests, including two Amazing Race alums, during the two-night premiere and already, showmances and alliances are brewing. (And who could forget a cameo by our very own Kevin Frazier and Phil Keoghan!)

As previously revealed, this season of Big Brother will feature the weekly BB Takeover twist, which will keep the new crop of houseguests on their toes, and the return of Battle of the Block. That’s not all!

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Big Brother
will be resurrecting the Twin Twist (a callback to season five’s successful Project DNA), which will see a set of identical twins playing as one up until Week 5 when they may have the chance to enter the game individually. Which of the 16 houseguests could have a secret twin?

Even though the season has just begun, we’re ranking this season’s houseguests based purely on our first impressions. Want to know who we’re digging already? Let’s dive in!

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. Meg


Sometimes laying low is the best strategy. We don’t know much about the New Yorker, only that she lives with her “gusband” (aka “my gay husband”) – her words, not ours. Here’s hoping that changes in the coming weeks!

. Becky


When you're relegated to just two hours to meeting the houseguests, some go by the wayside. Becky loves being outdoors and isn't too fond of Jace calling Colorado, "'Rado." Hopefully we'll see some gameplay from her soon!



Until we learn more about Liz, there's simply not a lot to go on here. But she gets points for lasting longer than several of the guys during the endurance competition.



What's interesting about John is that though he doesn't seem like the typical dentist, he most definitely is. (Da'vonne girl, you are so off-base!) The fact that the other houseguests could underestimate him could work to his advantage. 

12. Steve


Kudos to Clay for making the observation that Steve could be the Ian Terry of this season!

11. Clay


Ah Clay, the resident hottie (or the poor man’s Ryan Reynolds)! He smartly chose not to reveal that he played college football, instead tugging on the heartstrings by talking about his mother’s job as a wildlife rehabilitator. Awww. We see what you’re doin’ here. He hasn’t done anything dumb yet, but he really should have performed better in the first competition of the season (he was out after just 30 seconds!) – one that even he admitted was tailor-made for his “skillset.” Oops.

10. Austin


The former pro wrestler could be a major factor in the game, especially if he brings out his alter ego Judas (think of him as the Mr. Hyde to Austin’s Dr. Jekyll) more often than not.

9. Shelli


The recently divorced 33-year-old, whose former name was Audrey (that’s a question we need answered), is clearly gaga over Clay. (They both have heart murmurs, causing Clay to joke that they're the Heart Murmurs alliance.) But aside from her crush on the ex-Texas football player, she seems to be likable, competitive and intelligent, though we’re a little nervous about that early all-girl alliance with Da’vonne and Audrey.

8. Jace


When you say gems like “A real man smells like pine and wears a hat,” you’re bound to make a splash! The personal trainer from Venice, Calif. reminded us of Hayden Voss from last season, and that’s not exactly a bad thing. Plus, he showed he was a strong competitor without coming across as a huge threat.

7. Jeff


Like Jackie, The Amazing Race competitor has a huge target on his back and for that, he'll have his work cut out for him.

6. Vanessa


Could the pro poker player be one to watch? She’s savvy, personable and great at weighing risk – after all she gambles for a living! Her decision to opt out of the HOH competition seemed to pay off. She won’t be nominated, along with Da’vonne, and the two may have just scored themselves a sweet reward.

5. Jason


Jason is not for the faint of heart. Filled with high energy, the 25-year-old still lives in his mother’s basement and he has a strong stance on “basic bitches” – he’s not a fan, if you were keeping score. He dominated the second HOH competition, but his bubbly, bombastic personality may be too much for viewers and houseguests to handle when Week 7 rolls around.

4. James


James, a lover of hunting, fishing and “getting stuck in mud holes,” said his “size and stature” may cause him to be “underestimated” by the rest of the house. Well, after winning the first Head of Household, not so much anymore. The hunter may have painted a target on his back, but we can’t help but root for the guy.

3. Jackie


As part of this week’s BB Takeover, the former Amazing Race contestant joined the house with a huge target on her back. Though there’s still much more game to play, there’s good reason to think she’ll hang in there for a good while. For one thing, even though she didn’t win the HOH competition, she struck a deal not to get nominated. We’re fans of Jackie from her time on The Amazing Race, and can’t help but hope good things are in store!

2. Audrey


The other houseguests reacted positively to Audrey’s “truth,” and she’s already showing off her Big Brother smarts, looking to band the girls together to take down the boys. Could a Day 1 alliance actually last? If history serves, the likely answer would be no. Audrey’s paranoia could also be her undoing. After forming an all-girls pact with Da’vonne and Shelli (what about Meg?!), Audrey incorrectly assumed that the guys were plotting when really they were discussing, what else, working out (and cookies).

1. Da’vonne


The single mom takes the top spot (for now), simply for her Diary Room confessions. After all, we’re suckers for an entertaining DR session – and for the moment, it looks like she’ll be the one to give it to us straight. Though Da’vonne volunteering to sit out the first competition of the season may come back to bite her, we’re taking entertainment over gameplay. (Hey, we never said this was a scientific ranking!)

Do you agree? Tell us what you think! 

Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.