Ryan Reynolds Explains the Difference Between Him and Ryan Gosling in One NSFW Tweet

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There's some confusion between the two Ryans, so the 'Deadpool' star is setting things straight - sort of!

Have you ever mixed up Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds? You're not alone.

While they do share the same first name, Reynolds brought up some differences on Thursday in a response to a tweet.

"I honestly don't know the difference between Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds," a Twitter user wrote.

Reynolds responded with a tongue-in-cheek tweet. Consider yourself warned, there is NSFW language in this one!

"Different hair colors. Ryan Gosling has light BLOND hair," he wrote before calling himself a very NSFW word.

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While Gosling has yet to respond to Reynolds' tweet, we should point out some key similarities beyond the fact that they're both attractive actors in their 30s and both fathers to girls.

Reynolds welcomed baby James with wife Blake Lively in December of 2014, and Gosling welcomed Esmeralda with Eva Mendes in September.

Also, do you remember when Lively was reportedly casually dating Gosling back in 2010? 

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While the two Ryans may have a lot in common, they are completely unique individuals so get them straight or Reynolds may just tweet at you!

Flashback to see a young Reynolds in the video below.