Amy Schumer Candidly Reveals Why She Turned Down Hosting 'The Daily Show'

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Amy Schumer's just not that into the idea of blazers.

While talking to Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show about her decision to turn down Comedy Central's offer for her to hostThe Daily Show when Jon Stewart leaves, the Trainwreck comedian laughed at the thought of what she'd have to wear every day.

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"I just pictured all the fittings, like all the blazers I would have to wear," Schumer joked. "I don't wanna do that."

Truth be told, the star of Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer didn't really see herself making the jump to the satirical news desk.

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"If I heard that I was hosting The Daily Show, I'd be like 'Give me a f**king break," she said. "It felt like it would be betting against myself."

Even so, getting asked to follow in Stewart's footsteps is a big deal, and it wasn't one Schumer took lightly.

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"Them asking me made me cry," she said. "That they believed in me like that."

"I hung out with Jon Stewart a little bit," she added. "We had a piece of pizza and talked about the possibility of me hosting."

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As for who Schumer does feel should take over, the comedian threw her support behind incoming host Trevor Noah.

"Trevor will be so much better at it than I could have ever been," she said.

Listen to her comments below. (WARNING: Some NSFW language).

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Schumer also took some time to rave about Chris Rock, who directed her upcoming HBO comedy special.

"He's the nicest person," she said. "He made be a better comic."

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Apparently, Rock and Schumer met at a comedy event, where he offered her guidance after a great set. That's when they started working together.

"That was the coolest experience I've ever had," said Schumer. "Running around New York with Chris Rock."

When Rock agreed to direct her special, Schumer basically freaked out.

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"I was jumping up and down in my hotel room," she admitted.

Listen to more of Amy Schumer's discussion with Howard Stern.

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